The Water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND, Need Your Help.

We face a media blackout, as well as limited access to mobile networks and WiFi, coupled with a deliberate misinformation campaign being conducted by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and the Bismarck Tribune.

When the Bernie Sanders campaign faced a media blackout during the primary season, millions of Americans came together to share multiple posts each day on numerous social media platforms in order to raise awareness about and draw attention to Sanders’ campaign. If it had not been for this effort, it is very likely that the Sanders’ campaign and Political Revolution would not have come as close to victory as it did.

If we replicate that strategy, where millions of people come together focusing on and sharing information about what is happening at Standing Rock, in regards to the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, every single day, we can overcome the media blackout and raise the awareness that is needed to get people to act now to support the #NoDAPL movement.

This is a simple, easy, straightforward way to get the word out about what is happening at Standing Rock.

I ask you to please consider, right now, that we are still establishing social norms regarding how we use social media.

Some people avoid sharing posts about politics, religion, or anything that might be considered to be controversial.

At the same time, many others see social media as an invaluable tool that can vastly amplify our own voices in a way that spreads awareness and important messages across our nation and throughout the world.

Each of us will have to decide how we will use our voice through social media. The technology we have today means that our voices are more powerful than ever—with the ability to send our voice to every corner of the globe.

You can use your voice for spreading mundane, neutral, and uncontroversial topics, but you can also choose to use your voice to share information on the important issues facing our world today. You can help counter media blackouts and misinformation campaigns by using your voice to spread awareness of the truth.

How will you decide to use your voice?

For those of us here at Standing Rock, we are hoping that you will use your voice in a powerful and positive way to help us spread the word about what is happening here.

The fate of this movement, and even our very lives, may depend upon how you choose to use your voice right now.

Please share.


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